App Subscription

Subscriptions for the Konect Sports Speed Pro app are available in four levels, providing cost effective plans for small teams or orgs with less than 10 athletes, yet able to scale to handle orgs with unlimited athlete plans. 

Subscriptions are available both with a monthly or annual fee structure. Annual plans offer the best savings. 

All subscriptions are handled via the Apple App Store for your security and ease of use. Can you upgrade or downgrade your plan in the Konect Sports Speed Pro app, but if you want to cancel your plan, you need to do that via iTunes account management. 


# Athletes                                    Monthly Sub            Annual Sub

0 to 10 Athletes                           $9.95/mo                 $99.95 (save $19.98)

0 to 50 Athletes                           $19.95/mo               $199.95 (save $39.98)

0 to 100 Athletes                         $49.95/mo               $499.95 (save $99.98)

UNLIMITED                                 $99.95/mo               $999.95 (save $199.98)